Innovating Works...
...Improving work and workplaces

Innovating Works…

Workplace innovation is about getting the best from an organisation’s key resources (people, processes, and relationships) to deliver on organisational objectives and improve the quality of work for employees.

Improving work and workplaces

Innovation is often associated with invention, automation and research and development. Workplace innovation is much broader, focussing on organisational, technical and social innovation to drive value creation and deliver rewarding work.

All workplaces

Workplace innovation aims to harness the full potential of people, processes and relationships through both incremental and radical change. It is relevant to all types of workplaces: small or large; private, public or third sector, and ‘older’ and ‘newer’ industries. 

A 'win-win' approach

Workplace innovation can deliver improved quality of working life, increased productivity, effectiveness and competitiveness; and contributing to sustainable national economic performance and national social priorities such as health, participation and equality.

Expertise & information

Innovating Works… draws together resources and capabilities from international research, industry leaders, policy makers and public agencies to focus on ‘what works’ in workplace innovation, for transferable workplace lessons.

Improving work & workplaces

Workplace innovation is relevant to all employing organisations: large or small; in all sectors and industries; and in ‘old’ and ‘new’ businesses. 

It is the process of fully engaging your resources (people, processes and networks/relationships) to create shared value and shared success – and to support future innovation. It involves creating the conditions for new ideas to emerge and spread across your business. Crucially, it involves collaboration, reflection, learning and change to improve workplace performance and deliver rewarding work.


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