Workplace Innovation

Workplace innovation encompasses a wide range of organisational, technical and social innovations that depart from ‘business as usual’, and drive value creation while simultaneously delivering rewarding, fair work for employees.

Workplace innovation is both a process and an outcome. The process includes the ways things are done in an organisation and the process of delivering fair work. The outcomes may be new ideas about products/services, processes or ways of working, as well as business outcomes such as increased productivity, profitability and growth. Crucially, workplace innovation can deliver positive employees outcomes, such as retention, engagement and satisfaction. Learn more about workplace innovation.

About SCER and Workplace Innovation

With a background in research in and around job quality and workplace practice, The Scottish Centre for Employment Research (SCER) at Strathclyde Business School has developed an approach to mutual gains workplace innovation. From leading the Workplace Innovation Consortium (WIC) in 2013 to progress multi-stakeholder support for organisational change and renewal, SCER has developed its approach to workplace innovation through empirical enquiry involving multiple businesses; Innovating Works…pilot (2014-15) and the Fair, Innovative and Transformative Work (FITwork) (2015-2019) projects. SCER continues to progress innovating work and workplaces incorporating all stakeholders for mutual and sustainable gain through current projects.