Joseph Rowntree Foundation

What works: influencing employers on work and poverty

The Scottish Centre for Employment Research was awarded funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to put together, in collaboration with employers, a toolkit for tackling in-work poverty.

This research understands and address the barriers faced by employers to offering jobs that combat poverty: good quality, secure jobs, paying at least the Living Wage, providing enough hours and opportunities for progression for all staff. We are also considering the value to employees of fringe benefits, salary sacrifice schemes, and employers’ active engagement with their workforce’s financial well-being.

The project includes a range of key stakeholders, including trade unions, industry bodies, Chambers of Commerce, and local and national government, with a focus on firms in the hospitality, retail, food production and facilities management sectors.

The research team includes Findlay, Lindsay, Watson and Young from Scottish Centre for Employment Research, University of Strathclyde.

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