The Construction Industry in Scotland: Opportunities and Challenges

SCER and FAI have been commissioned by the STUC to investigate working practices in the construction industry in Scotland. It is widely recognised that the industry makes an important contribution to the Scottish economy, not least through public infrastructure investment and contracts. However, a number of concerns have been raised by the STUC and affiliate unions about a range of unfair labour practices that disadvantage workers in the industry. The project will focus on analysing the industry profile, assessing the economic impact of the sector, identifying the opportunities to shape practice that supports fair work, and reflecting on the role of public procurement in delivering a safe, successful and fair construction industry.

The research will involve analysing secondary documentary and statistical data on the industry, and generating new insight and data from focus groups with union stakeholders and a bespoke worker survey relating to work experience and the delivery of fair work in the construction industry as defined in Scotland’s Fair Work Convention’s Fair Work Framework.


Fraser of Allander