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Review of Partnership Working in NHS Scotland

The aim of this project is to investigate whether current national and local partnership arrangements, including the Scottish Partnership Forum (SPF), the Scottish Workforce and Staff Governance Committee (SWAG), and the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC), remain suitable for delivering the system-wide changes which are needed in coming years to meet the challenges addressed in: the Delivery Plan; the National Workforce Plan; delivering realistic medicine; the clinical strategy; digital health; new models of care; and continued integration. It will assess whether the current arrangements remain fit for purpose and what, if anything, needs to change in the context of the policy and resourcing landscape and evolving health and social care roles, structures and relationships.

It will achieve these aims and objectives by addressing the research questions below through largely qualitative research and analysis which situates the research questions and the evidence which it gathers and synthesises in the context of industrial relations theory and best practice and the health and social care landscape in Scotland.

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