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FITwork in Social Care

The 'Fair, Innovative and Transformative work' (FITwork) Project engaged with a range of Scottish employers to explore how to get the best from their key resources (people, processes, and relationships) to deliver on organisational objectives, promote workplace innovation and improve the quality of work for employees. Even in sectors where resources are tight, changes in how work is organised can create opportunities for employees to innovate and collaborate, resulting in better jobs for employees, benefits for organisations, and (crucially) positive outcomes for service users.

The social care sector is a key employer and is a crucial component Scotland’s health and social services infrastructure. By helping to test out innovative changes in work design, the ‘Fair, Innovative and Transformative Work in the Scottish Social Care Sector’ project shares lessons on how we can empower people working in care settings to innovate, improve their job quality, and identify resourcing and other challenges that need to be overcome if we are to maximise the potential of care employees.

The research team includes Lindsay, Watson and Young from Scottish Centre for Employment Research, University of Strathclyde.

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