Masterclass 5

Facilitated by Innovating Works at the University of Strathclyde

Title: Workplace Innovation and Scotland's Digital Future

Date: Thursday 24 August 2017

Location: Aberdeen

Securing and promoting Scotland's digital future as a source of innovative potential and productivity is a key priority. A recent Scottish Futures Trust report estimated that increased digitalisation could boost the economy by up to £13 billion in the next 15 years. However, investment to achieve increased digitalisation will not pay off if we fail to design jobs and workplaces that unleash the innovative potential of employees.

This free Workplace Innovation Masterclass brought together business leaders, HR practitioners and expert researchers to share ideas on harnessing the digital and people-driven elements of innovation to drive business performance. You can find the programme from the session here and download the slides here.

As well as plenty of opportunities for networking and sharing practice, the Masterclass featured three outstanding keynote speakers who will offer practical insights on maximising employees' innovative potential in our shared digital future.

Our Speakers

Catherine Howe, Director of Solutions at Capita. Catherine reflected on her experiences in how people and workplaces can embrace digital innovation for shared benefit, and how a Networked Society can prosper from the innovations that will impact where and how we live and work. Her professional experience spans public and private sector and includes start-ups, SMEs and large corporate organisations. Capita is a leading global business and technology services company, employing more than 70,000 people worldwide.

Andrew Dobbie, Founder and Managing Director of MadeBrave. Andrew discussed MadeBrave's journey to becoming Scotland's fastest growing digital design and creative agency, and how tapping the innovative potential of MadeBrave's people is as important as harnessing digital technologies to the company's success. Andrew has led MadeBrave from being a one man band with £1,000 in the bank to a successful business turning over more than £1 million. A full service digital and branding agency, MadeBrave's clients include global brands such as Aggreko, Beam Suntory, BrewDog, IBM and Linn.

Dr Nick Berente, University of Georgia, US. Nick discussed his experience as a researcher and consultant on digital innovation, working in workplaces ranging from SMEs to NASA. Nick has worked with some of the US's top companies on organisational transformation. He has conducted research with companies on unleashing the creative capacity of professionals in 'virtual worlds', building IT infrastructures to support innovation, and connecting digital innovation to innovative employee behaviour.