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Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series

Supported by Scottish Enterprise

Facilitated by Innovating Works at the University of Strathclyde


Welcome to the Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series


Welcome to the Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series, supported by Scottish Enterprise. The Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series is a programme of interactive events enabling businesses and their partners to discuss the ideas behind workplace innovation, its practical application, and its potential to deliver benefits for business.

Workplace Innovation brings together an organisation's people, processes and business relationships to develop new ways of working that benefit everyone.

Workplace innovation is about getting the best from your key resources to deliver on business objectives and improve the quality of jobs and workplaces, delivering ‘fair work’ for employees. Workplace innovation is, therefore, both a process and an outcome. The process includes the ways things are done in an organisation. The outcomes may be new ideas about products, services, or ways of working, and, crucially, more engaged and productive employees.

The linked agendas of workplace innovation and fair work are central to Scotland’s Economic Strategy. We know that fair work practices can impact employee engagement and wellbeing, and that this, in turn, feeds into improvements in innovation, productivity and efficiency. So, by supporting business to promote workplace innovation and fair work, we can improve Scotland’s economic performance and make a positive impact on employees’ working lives. The Scottish Government has supported Scotland’s Fair Work Convention to promote fair work and progressive people management. Scottish Enterprise has supported this Masterclass Series as part of its own programme of work promoting workplace innovation and fair work practices.

Eight Masterclasses during 2016-18 will bring together employers, business leaders and leading researchers to share evidence and experiences on ‘what works’ in workplace innovation. We also want to encourage businesses to continue the debate and share their knowledge through this website and our dedicated LinkedIn Discussion Forum – where you can find blogs and resources about workplace innovation, and share your own insights and experiences. 

The Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series is facilitated by the Innovating Works Team at Strathclyde Business School. Our inter-disciplinary team is dedicated to researching workplace innovation and fair work in order to identify practical solutions that can benefit Scotland’s businesses and people.


The Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series – What’s On?


Our next Workplace Innovation Masterclass will take place at 13:00 on Thursday 3 November at Malmaison, Dundee.

Events in the first year of Masterclass Series will focus on:

  • Workplace Innovation Masterclass 2: Helping employees to drive innovation, Dundee, Thursday 3 November 2016
  • Workplace Innovation Masterclass 3: Redesigning leadership to inspire innovation, Glasgow, Thursday 16 February 2017
  • Workplace Innovation Masterclass 4: Collaborating and networking for innovation, Edinburgh, Thursday 8 June 2017.

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To join the debate and access additional resources on workplace innovation join our LinkedIn Discussion Forum.

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