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Networks and collaboration: Driving fair, innovative and transformative work in Scotland


The FITwork Project: Research Briefings 1 and 2 offer evidence and learning from Year 1 of the project: Harnessing Knowledge, Research and Networks to Drive Fair, Innovative and Transformative Work (FITwork) in Scotland.

In Briefing 1, we outlined the evidence suggesting that fair work and workplace innovation can generate transformative outcomes for individuals, businesses and other employers and for Scotland, and presented the FITwork Tool as a means of exploring workplace practice.

This briefing examines how researchers, policy makers, employers, trade unions, civil society organisations and other stakeholders in Scotland have engaged with debates on fair work and workplace innovation (for brevity, FITwork) over the last decade, and considers the challenges – and opportunities – of building collaborative activity and networks that can further support and deepen FITwork.  Read the full briefing here…