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Review of Partnership Working in NHS Scotland

The aim of this project is to investigate whether current national and local partnership arrangements, including the Scottish Partnership Forum (SPF), the Scottish Workforce and Staff Governance Committee (SWAG), and the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC), remain suitable for delivering the system-wide changes which are needed in coming years to meet the challenges addressed in: the Delivery Plan; the National Workforce Plan; delivering realistic medicine; the clinical strategy; digital health; new models of care; and continued integration.

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Evaluation of Community Pharmacy Technology Pilot

The Innovating Works team at SCER with colleagues from the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences and the Department of Management Science are contracted by the Scottish Government to evaluate technology-enabled change for the release of pharmacists’ time to deliver enhanced clinical care.

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Scottish Enterprise Masterclasses

The Workplace Innovation Masterclass Series is a programme of interactive events enabling businesses and their partners to discuss the ideas behind workplace innovation, its practical application, and its potential to deliver benefits for business.

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FITwork in Social Care

The 'Fair, Innovative and Transformative work' (FITwork) Project has engaged with a range of Scottish employers to explore how to get the best from their key resources (people, processes, and relationships) to deliver on organisational objectives, promote workplace innovation and improve the quality of work for employees.

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Fair, Innovative & Transformative Work

There is now a strong emerging consensus internationally on the potential for synergy between (1) agile and high performing businesses/organisations; (2) high quality, inclusive and fairly rewarded work (3) effective, efficient and prosperous societies.

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Workplace Innovation

Workplace innovation is about getting the best from an organisation’s key resources (people, processes, and relationships) to deliver on organisational objectives and improve the quality of work for employees. It is about enabling new ideas to be generated from within the organisation through high levels of collaboration that generate alternatives to ‘business as usual’.

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