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For Employers

Workplace innovation can improve work and enhance workplace performance, benefitting individuals, businesses and society. It has the potential to create win-win outcomes.   

Innovation is often (wrongly) conflated with invention, but a better way to think about workplace innovation is to see it as technical, organisational or social change – incremental or radical - that is new to your business and that creates value.  

In this section you’ll find resources and tools to help you to think about workplace innovation in your business - harnessing the potential of your people, building capacity and capability and making the most of your relationships, both internal and external. You’ll also find our Workplace Innovation Tool that can support you in thinking about areas of opportunity and improvement in your business.  

Join us at one of our events - these are free to attend and provide opportunities to learn and to network. Or, share your experiences of innovating (or not innovating) through the website or by using the Workplace Innovation Tool.  You might also want to think about working with research and industry experts in the Innovating Works … team to innovate in your workplace.