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About Us

What is Innovating Works...?

Workplace innovation is a potential win-win approach for businesses, organisations and society. It focusses on better use of an organisation’s resources (people, processes, and relationships/networks) in ways that support the delivery of strategic and operational business objectives, improve the quality of work for employees and deliver better social outcomes in terms of health, participation and equality. 

Workplace innovation involves creating and harnessing the prerequisites for innovation. Read more about Workplace Innovation here.

What we do

The Innovating Works… initiative is built on the idea of extreme collaboration. It brings together the experience and expertise of SMEs, industry leaders, policy makers and researchers to support ‘what works’ in workplace innovation that delivers value to all stakeholders. Workplace innovation can contribute to business outcomes, such as productivity, cost reduction, competitiveness and new product and process creation. For individuals, innovation in the workplace can improve quality of working life, career development, work-life balance and effective voice. More innovative workplaces offering high quality work can support national economic performance, contributing to healthy and fulfilling working lives and improve participation in communities and society. 

To support these aims, we are an industry-facing workplace innovation consortium. The consortium brings together multidisciplinary researchers from the Scottish Centre for Employment Research (SCER), Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management (SIOM), and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship (HCE) at the University of Strathclyde Business School with industry experts, an Advisory Group of leaders in policy and business, a Scotland-wide network of innovation researchers.

Currently, Innovating Works… is a partnership initiative funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Funding Council and the University of Strathclyde and supported by the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

The team are based at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Contact us at:

Our approach  

The Innovating Works … approach has three essential elements. Firstly, innovating is relevant to all types of workplace. Second, creating shared value supports and drives continued innovation. Third, there is no one size fits all – effective and sustainable workplace innovation is embedded in workplace context.  

Yet there are important lessons to be learned on ‘what works’ to create successful innovation. We believe in learning from differences and encouraging transferrable learning in context through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Innovating Works… brings people together in a number of ways to encourage discussion, reflection, learning and positive growth for businesses and for employees.

Innovative SMEs:

Innovating Works… provides a forum in which SMEs can come together to discuss, share and support innovative workplace practice. Information on our past and forthcoming events is available under ‘Events’. 

The Innovating Works… team is currently working with SMEs in Scotland to share and support workplace innovation activities and to support the most important collaboration – between businesses and their employees. These case studies fall into two types:

First, we are working with innovative SMEs to explore ‘good practice’ and to assess how good practice can generate transferrable lessons beyond the case study organisations.

Second, we are working with SMEs who are not yet engaged in workplace innovation but are keen to make their workplaces more innovative.  These case studies will focus on ‘what works’ in implementing workplace innovation, as well as identifying and overcoming any barriers and challenges faced in innovating. 

Researchers’ Workplace Innovation Network: 

Researchers from a wide range of disciplines have a key role in analysing and disseminating knowledge on workplace innovation. Linking practice-based and research-based expertise provides a dynamic and mutually beneficial environment to progress a workplace innovation agenda. Innovating Works… brings together academic expertise from across Scotland to provide a critical mass of workplace researchers around the central theme of workplace innovation. The network draws together knowledge and expertise in business strategy, human resource management, work and employment studies, operations management, entrepreneurship, economics, psychology, work psychology and public policy. 

Policy and stakeholder engagement to support Workplace Innovation: 

What happens in the workplace matters for key areas of economic, social and public policy. In turn, public policy impacts on workplaces in a wide range of ways, particularly through economic development policy and skills provision. Bringing policy leaders together with business and labour stakeholders, Innovating Works… provides a vehicle for broad-based, constructive collaboration  to address innovation challenges in productivity, education and skills, employment, income, inequality, local economic development and health.

Get involved

The Innovating Works … team welcomes participation from individuals in any relevant stakeholder groups: employers, employees and their organisations, policy makers and researchers.  If you wish to become involved in the initiative, or want to discuss whether to get involved, please use the link below:

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